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Mr. Joseph Jorkens came to Lord Dunsany in the 1920's ... this was how he later introduced him:

"Jorkens is a good-hearted fellow, and will always tell a story in the evening to anyone who offers him a small drink; whiskey and soda is what he prefers; and he really has seen a good deal of the world, and the Club relies on stories in the evening; it is quite a feature of it; and the Club wouldn't be the Club without them, and it helps the evening to pass, anyway; but of one thing I must warn you, and that is never to believe a word he says. It isn't Jorkens' fault; he doesn't mean to be inaccurate; he merely wishes to interest his fellow-members, and to make the evening pass pleasantly; he has nothing to gain by any inaccuracies, and has no intention to deceive; he just does his best to entertain."

And this was the Jorkens response:

My dear old Boy,
I see that you are publishing some tales that I have told you at one time or another. That is all right, so long as you have written them just as I told them to you - no exaggerations, old boy. Not even to make the book go. What do the public want with exaggerations, when life is so damned odd? The bare truth, the bare truth, you know. That's always been my watchword. Times are damned hard, and whiskey has never got back to what it was before the war.
Yours ever,


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