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Pegana Press is currently offering two unique hand-made Dunsany publications - a broadsheet of the 18th Lord's very first published work "Rhymes from a Suburb" and a collection of previously unpublished works, "Lost Tales, volume 1" - and will bring a further volume of such works to the market in the months ahead. They sell online, and will ship worldwide.

Also in bookstores:A range of Dunsany material has returned to print over recent years, which has also seen a range of discoveries in the archives at Dunsany - please visit the Bookstore for more, including Dunsany from Penguin (in their Classics line since Spring 2004), with Wildside Press. Also circulating in the secondary market are the wonderful Collected Tales of Jorkens by Night Shade Books ... gathering all the material from over three decades - the five books known, plus the Last (Sixth) Book found in 2001, plus a few more stories, including the last Jorkens tale, written within months of the author's death - and "The Pleasures of a Futuroscope" from Hippocampus.

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The 18th Lord Dunsany is one of the most acclaimed names in the field of fantastic fiction, held in high esteem by many of today's major writers. A man of broad ability, in the field of writing alone the Writer Lord's work ranged from popular plays through fantasy and science fiction (both in his famous short stories as well as novels) to poetry, essays, reviews and autobiography; he and his work featured on radio and early television. Among other achievements, he was also a champion chess player (drawing with Capablanca), a keen shot and hunter and a patron of other writers, such as the poet Francis Ledwidge (see also here) and Mary Lavin. He was happily married to Lady Beatrice (of the Jersey family, sister to Lady Longford).
For material on books in print, you might try the Dunsany bookstore or your local bookshop and library.
The Dunsany Home Collection (the link leads to its separate website) can provide the most exclusive, original and sophisticated gift and household concepts for the discerning personal or corporate client. Key to the Collection are the exclusive and extraordinary table settings, featuring delph (many pieces are collectable porcelain and others are fine crystal) and cutlery, table linen and serving materials; also offered are lamps, vases and amazing artificial flowers... Enquire about our antique linens also. Dunsany Castle, dating back to the 1180's, in the townland of the same name in County Meath northwest of Dublin, is Ireland's oldest home (with brief interruptions from such as Cromwell) and one of its older extant buildings. The family name changed from Cusack to Plunkett by marriage in the early 1400's and it has been the home of the Lords of Dunsany, a major branch of the Plunkett family, for over five hundred and fifty years. Famous members of the family (the Plunkett name is unique to Irish origin, and of either Norse or Norman descent), include the author Lord Dunsany (1878 - 1957), Horace Plunkett, the great co-operative pioneer (founded the first Irish agricultural co-op in 1890; later first head of the Dept. of Agriculture) and St. Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh and Martyr. In addition to the Castle, the remainder of the Estate (after transfer of lands to tenants in the Victorian period and after) includes "The Abbey" (the still-consecrated Church of St. Nicholas), a walled garden, ornamental gates and land at Tara, from which the Writer Lord used to enjoy the view. Today, the family still live on at Dunsany, which also hosts the Dunsany Home Collection and its Boutique, and nearby the closely-related Killeen Castle is currently being restored and extended as a luxury hotel. Here you will find information on the Plunkett name and family, key historical figures such as St. Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop and Martyr and Horace Plunkett, agricultural pioneer, Co. Meath and other items of interest.

Art across the generations: a manuscript by the 18th Lord, Edward Plunkett, writer, sportsman, chessplayer..., from his Book of the Phoenix, along with one of his writing sets (he often used hand-cut quill pens) and other Castle heirlooms, accompanied by fine tableware designed by his namesake grandson, artist and designer, the 20th Lord.

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