Lord Dunsany (1878-1957), Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett - some of his works (a short bibliography)

An important contributor to literature, Lord Dunsany was a versatile and creative writer, with works including fantasy, drama, poetry, science fiction, prose, autobiography ... His first known published work is the poem "Rhymes From a Suburb", in The Pall Mall Magazine in September 1897 (Issue 53; Volume 13, No. 1). At this time, he had not yet inherited the title and was simply the Honourable Edward Plunkett.

Eight years later, without warning, Dunsany sprang onto the scene with "The Gods of Pegana", a genuinely unique work of artificial mythology in a series of short stories, illustrated by the remarkable Sidney Sime. This was followed by a considerable number of further works of many sorts over more than fifty years...

Tracing editions and printings of books can be difficult, so this gathering will begin as a simple list by date of initial publication. Variant titles, noted as vt:, indicate alternative titles for the same volume. There are many sources for out of print Dunsany, such as The Advanced Book Exchange, though some of the earliest books, and the specifically limited editions, are extremely hard to find and may be costly. It is worth noting that hardback runs, even if not explicitly limited, were often small, especially for a new writer. This list covers Dunsany works only and does not approach the many, many publications in which the 18th Lord's material appeared; it also does not address radio, television or other audio-visual material.

Relevant books, mostly collections, published after Lord Dunsany's death include :

Unpublished in Lord Dunsany's lifetime but since published :

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